Sales Staff, Are They Hungry? Do You Feed Yours?

Now I’m not talking lunch or the increasingly more common fruit bowls within digital agencies. I’m talking about sales leads. Does your company have a route to market other than a BDM cold calling potential prospects?


You may have a successful, viable and most importantly profitable sales function. If you don’t, and you don’t have a relentless, teflon coated sales professionals. It may well be worth investing in lead generation. In this article I will give you the pros and cons of the various route to market for B2B Sales.

Data – Buying in data en masse


Lots of contacts, low cost per record and the ability to profile the company. The good data companies will be able to profile their data by company size, turnover, staff numbers and geographical location.


Purchasing out of date data, is it GDPR compliant? Having to “work” the data accordingly. 2000 records and 1 sales person may lead to contacts being missed or not contacted at all. Ensure your provider is vetted accordingly, and make sure you have the resources to ensure a positive ROI.

RockPaperClick’s recommendation – Check out DueDil Fantastic sales and marketing tool with a a CRM functionality.

Sales Development Representative


Dedicated, targeted and number driven individuals. Targeted on appointment setting for BDM to close. Tailored introduction of your company to a volume of customers per day.


Additional sales costs, require data or waste time sourcing leads through Google and LinkedIn. To be truly effective automated dialling VoIP software may be of benefit.

Digital Marketing Strategy


Targeted, clearly defined marketing strategy. Direct traffic to specific landing pages to inform and educate potential companies/customers. Generate inbound enquiries of companies actively looking for your product/service. Publish content or engaging ads to attract interest with targeted adverts via social media. High conversion to sale.


Variable cost per lead, leads require careful management. Commitment to long term strategy, varying lead volume. Can be mismanaged without careful campaign management.

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