4 Reasons Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing

Targeted Audience

Whereas traditional advertising undertook a more awareness approach; exposing an audience to your offering, digital can use precision targeting to position your product or service in front of a highly appropriate audience ready to purchase.

For example; want to reach professionals working in corporate responsibility roles based in large UK cities? A targeted Linkedin campaign could achieve this succinctly.

The Mobile Consumer

With more than 70% of web traffic now mobile based, according to latest studies. Consumers are now using their mobile device to influence their purchasing decisions as a personal computer rather than simply as a phone.

It is therefore imperative your website is responsive – leading to a smooth customer journey on a smaller screen. Also, consider making your phone number click-to-call, this can also be utilised in google search ads and tracked as a conversion.

Consumer Trust

Leveraging social signals and testimonials from previous purchasers helps build trust and increase sales. Links to social media and testimonials clearly on your site breed confidence. You can also engage with your consumers, responding to social media feedback at no extra cost.

Top Tip: We recommend integrating a third party reviewing software, such as to capture feedback on a star rating system.

Analysing Data

You may think you know your target audience – but site analytics may reveal a surprise or two. There is a wealth of data available to you; demographics, geolocation, device and browser type for example in Google Analytics, a free add-on. Results may include a particular age range viewing your site for a much longer time or a particular device having a much lower conversion rate, perhaps indicating an issue.

We also recommend installing a heat map software, such as LuckyOrange, to analyse your audience journey from different traffic sources.

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Michael Millward

9 years experience in the digital sphere. Strategising and executing paid digital campaigns across multiple channels and verticals. Managing £3 million marketing spends per annum.

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